Projects 2017

Somethings is the latest production directed by Gemma Gallagher and devised by an all female ensemble of performers with ID working with a cracking creative team.

The piece will take you on a journey of the imagination entering a world where merging sounds, movements and images tell a story of frustration, loss and hope for the future. Begging us to look again, look with different eyes.

Our characters have arrived at the camp, a place they have no choice but to be in. Reading the last newspaper ever written, all other news has been destroyed and all they have to learn of the world today is by what is written here. A handful of people and what they have to say on this very day will shape what we believe was the world of the past. They have decided what you should know, what is important and what somethings should be carried into the future.


This production is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland