Recall and Imagine

Recall and Imagine is a method developed by Shadowbox incorporating Reminiscence Therapy, Theatre, and Creative writing projects. It has been used involving various groups of older people around Ireland and Internationally.
Reminiscence work is a specific method of work, which encourages increased confidence through recall and storytelling. It was endorsed by the World Health Organisation in 2000.
As people grow older and less physically active they can often lose their sense of worth and place in society.
Reminiscence, which has a developmental-existential perspective, is a natural mental process in which the past is integrated into the present by the person’s experiences, especially unresolved conflicts, being progressively returned to consciousness. Like much arts based work it attempts to rebuild that sense of value through embracing and showing real interest in the older person. Shadowbox sees reminiscence as being a pivotal starting point and foundation for creative activities for older people.

The Recall and Imagine programme has led to 2 touring theatre productions based on the exchanges with groups and individuals. And the publication of ‘Celebrating our Autumn years’ based on the poetic writings of older people living with cognitive impairment