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RTE News feature

'RTE Archives' -An Irish theatre company with a difference is bound for an international festival in Denmark.

Would You Believe Documentary RTE

'Shadowbox' -(2004) Would You Believe for RTE
Producer: Alan Robinson
Reporter: Anna Nolan

'...those who were different were shunned from the city'
That was the way in medieval times, nowadays attitudes are different or are they? Would You Believe looks at the work of a group of artists with disabilities and their struggle to be heard.

They regard themselves as "Bouffon" actors; in the theatrical tradition of fools or jesters seeking an audience with the rest of society. An encounter through which they can offer insights into what it means to be them, to be different.

Would You Believe tracks the changing fortunes of the Shadowbox group through the months of workshops that produced their recent play; 'Maze', the progress of individual members of the group and the constant struggle to attract funding or face a premature final curtain.


'A Celebration of Our Autumn Years' (2006) - A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Narrative of older people in long-term care supported by Shelagh Wright, Senior Health Promotion Officer, Services for Older People, and funded by the Health Promotion Department, HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster (former SWA).

'Shadowboxers' (2009) -Article featured in 'Notes from the Margins- A decade of Irish Life' By Fergus Finlay. Hachette Books,Ireland